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There are five people in a room. One of them is racist, and racists are always wack. Four people are wack, though not necessarily racist. One person is fresh. The people are labeled A-E. Person A says that they are fresh and that the racist is standing between two racists. Person B says the racist is on one of the far ends and that they are wack but not racist. Person C says person E is racist and that person A is racist. Person D says the fresh person is in between two racist. Person E is a cop


This seems legit.


You cannot be racist to white people

just like you can’t fire your boss

because you don’t have that power


Sometimes I feel like we’re not even trying to be a respectable business.

One of the real business problems I am often called upon to solve is “leakage.”

A great (real) way to offset the losses from leakage is “penetration.”

Spider-Man 'can be anybody' — and now he's Donald Glover



This hold music is bummin me out.

Here I am putting my money where my mouth is, and looking at my ADORABLE NIECE. Your turn.

Here I am putting my money where my mouth is, and looking at my ADORABLE NIECE. Your turn.

Hey Spotify

what do you think you know about me that you are suggesting I listen to Godsmack?

You ought to have an incredibly sophisticated data-gathering apparatus, and be therefore aware that I have listened to basically nothing but dancepop and stand-up comedy since I signed up.

You are rolling some very strange dice, and they have tacky flames painted on them.

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Ok, I, a white girl, was gonna dress up as Nick Fury for Halloween. I wasn't going to do blackface or anything stupid like that, but I am being required to participate in a superhero theme and I didn't want to wear anything skintight. So, basically, do you know any other superheroes that don't have skintight costumes?


Racists write in here mad all the time that I never really seem to get all that heated about the struggles of white people, but I have to tell you, it’s hard to be sympathetic when, for real, white people asking how they can dress up like Samuel L. Jackson is in literally the top 5 most asked concerns troubling white folks these days.

Seriously, anon. Are you being ironically ignorant?





Heartbreaking Simpsons Moments 1/∞: Bart Gets an F

I never understood why it’s an F if he gets more than half out of 100? Unless it’s more than 100. If you get more than half the answers right how is it an F?

You must not be from America. Here, grading is fucked up.

Average American Grading Scale:
A+- 97-100
A - 94-96
A- - 90-93
B- 80-89
C- 70-79
D- 60-69
F- 59 and under

oh wow that is fucked up

The existence of an A- always bummed me out, too.

"We want to let you know that there is a bad kind of good, but not even in an interesting way."

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